In this episode I am joined by the Norwegian philosopher and theologian Dr. Jan-Olav Henriksen. He is the Professor of Philosophy of Religion in MF Norwegian School of Theology, Norway, and Professor of Contemporary Religion at Agder University, Norway. I absolutely loved his recent trilogy of books and was thrilled to have him return to the podcast!

In the conversation we talk about…

  • the pragmatic dimension of theology
  • the symbol-deficit disorder of contemporary theology
  • the connection between religious studies, philosophy of religion, and confessional theology
  • “God doesn’t need to exist to have an impact on people’s lives”
  • religion as a lived mode of being in the world
  • how to understand the ambiguities of religion
  • how religious symbols and metaphors function
  • the narrative nature of the self
  • getting over the super ego God
  • reframing nature symbolically in order to survive on this planet
  • the semiotics of nature

Check out Henriksen’s first visit to the podcast where we discuss Christology & Postmodern Philosophy.

Dr. Henriksen’s Recent Books

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