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Jospeh Bracken in memoriam

We recently lost one of the most creative and compelling process theologians, Joseph Bracken. There are few theologians I’ve read as often and closely as Father Bracken. On top of being a top-tier scholar, he was kind. He read my entire dissertation and sent encouraging responses, & thoughtful criticisms. Over lockdown, we had a number… Read more about Jospeh Bracken in memoriam

The Post-Easter, Mo-Easter Edition

On this edition of the Theology Nerd Throwdown, Tripp & Bo nerd out about… post-Covid Easter worship the United Methodist Breakup over LGBTQ inclusion how frustrating LOTS of aging institutions can get the connection between the Religious Nones & Political Independents how the BoDaddy plans to demolish all beer-chugging challengers at Theology Beer Camp Tripp… Read more about The Post-Easter, Mo-Easter Edition