Today on the podcast is Todd Outcalt, pastor and prolific writer, to talk about his books, The Other Jesus: Stories from World Religions and Common Ground: Lessons and Legends from the World’s Great Faiths. These books were written out of the experience of interfaith dialogue, learning about and wrestling with other religions, and how their views about Christianity and the person of Jesus shaped his experience.

In this interview you’ll hear Tripp and Todd discuss what it’s like to be an author who publishes and writes regularly and a pastor who preaches weekly, the creative tasks of writing sermons for a congregation and writing for a general audience, and what not to do in interfaith dialogue.

#TheologyBeerCamp Summer Edition is coming to Denver and Oklahoma City this August. Head over to to get your tickets. You won’t want to miss Tripp and Peter Rollins dueling in the process vs. radical theology battle of the summer. Plus, we might convince Pete to sing karaoke…