Today is your lucky day! After this podcast episode you will be prepared for the world after you’ve been left behind. Dr. Jeffrey Pugh is back on the podcast and spitting some theological game about his book in the Homebrewed Christianity Guide Series on THE END. That’s right we are going to talk dispensationalism, millennialism, rapture, charts, zionism, Trump, Revelation, the Apocalypse, and other eschatological goodies. When you get done you are gonna want to get his book

Dr. Pugh is the professor of religious studies at Elon University and he has been on the podcast two other times. Once we discussed Bonhoeffer’s Religionless Christianity and the Devil’s blogging efforts

Here’s a secret. If you order Pugh’s book + the other 9 in the HBC series you can score all 10 and $400+ bucks worth of digital classes if you order it all HERE.

People still believe that Jesus is returning to earth . . . and soon! Like Jesus’ the first followers, millions of Christians hold fast to the idea that we are living in the last days, yet here we are, two thousand years later, still waiting. In The Homebrewed Christianity Guide to the End Times Jeffrey C. Pugh recounts his own brief sojourn in an apocalyptic cult. Looking back now, as a respected professor of theology, he tackles how Christianity in general, and the evangelical world in particular, have been captivated by the theological innovation known as Dispensationalism that emerged in the nineteenth century. The embrace of this idea has influenced millions, leading to such cultural phenomena as the Left Behind books and movies, and Christian Zionism. But Pugh argues that the belief in the imminent return of Christ has in fact been harmful to Christian engagement with the world, and he builds this argument on a thorough and occasionally sassy reading of biblical texts and church history.

Book Endorsements…

“Of course, we live in a dangerous world, but Jeffrey C. Pugh helps us see how correct Christian eschatological convictions help us avoid getting the world wrong. Pugh writes with a clarity that makes the book available to theologian and non-theologian alike.” —Stanley Hauerwas, Duke University

“It was better than Cats; I’d read it again.” —Third Horseman of the Apocalypse

“Jeffrey C. Pugh journeys with us through the historical significance of the End Times instead of feeding our fears. He offers a hopeful discovery of a new narrative—one in which we can laugh at ourselves, question, co-create, and redeem the world with God, and do it with love.” —Amy Piatt, Senior Pastor, First Christian Church, Portland

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