My most awesome and crafty wife is talented.  She is constantly having people ask her where she bought some homespun item of hers.  She has gifted them and sold them to people who ask but then one day I had an idea…what if you I sent them to Homebrewed Christianity Deacons who donate to the podcast? She said yes and now you can get your Homespun Craftianity gift when you donate.  So get yourself, your partner, or a cute little baby some flower power and help me pay for the web hosting!

So with that, here’s Alecia… I give you the inaugural Homespun Craftianity sale for June 2012:
The “Fuller” Fabric Flower!

The flowers will be sold, as shown above, in four different colors, all of which will put a smile on your face and a prance in your step as you walk out of the house to start your day on those gloomy June mornings.  You can choose from:

And all are made from quality cotton fabrics, which would lend to gentle spot cleaning if any coffee, for example, was to find its way onto the flower and leave behind a track of stain-prints…

Along with the color, you also can choose from four backing options:  hairpin, brooch/lapel pin, infant/child hair clips, or bare.  I mean, heck, there are so many ways one could creatively use/wear these flowers:

As a beautiful hairpin to brighten up your summer dress or outfit!

As a lapel pin to add some spark to that typically boring suit jacket!

And a personal favorite…as a brooch to liven up any outfit!

Now let’s see that up a little closer shall we?!?!

Another option to choose will be infant/child hair clips to make your oh so adorable baby girl even more girly and cute!  These will be smaller in size and come in pairs!

And finally…You can also choose to order the flower(s) “bare” meaning without any backing.  Why would one choose to order them as such?  Well, so that they can put their own creative spin on how the flower(s) is used.  A few examples of other ways I have personally put these beauties to use include:

Sewed or glued with fabric glue to my knitted hats for those chilly nights!

As well as sewed or glued with fabric glue to throw pillows to invite guests to curl up for a comfy night’s rest or to relax on the couch with a glass of vino or lemonade!

However you choose to use or wear your “Fuller” Fabric Flower(s), I hope it brings you much happiness and joy to those gloomy June days!

And so here they are once again, all lined up and ready for you to pick your match or choose that perfect gift to share with another to brighten up their day!

Oh and not to forget…Of course all purchases also come with a Homebrewed Christianity gift!

Sales begin Friday, June 1, 2012 and end at 11:00pm PST Saturday, June 30, 2012 or while supplies last.  So hurry and get your Flower Power on to brighten those gloomy June days to come!

***When ordering, in the field entitled “Color(s) and Backing(s) Choice” please indicate your choice(s)  from the following:

Color Choice(s):
A.  Dusty Blue
B.  Cranberry Red
C.  Khaki
D.  Celery Green

Backing Choice(s):
A.  Hairpin
B.  Brooch/Lapel Pin
C.  Infant/Child Hair Clips
D.  Bare

Can’t wait to share my Homespun Craftianity creations with you!
—Alecia Fuller

Purchasing Options
Color(s) and Backing(s) Choice