Have you ever wanted to know the inner-workings of Satan’s mind?  Of course you have, duh!  Well this is the podcast for you. Professor Jeff Pugh of Elon University is back on the podcast and being awesome.

In this interview we will discuss just how a real deal academic theo-nerd decided to write a book in the voice of Satan and gain a whole host of insights into the way the demonic runs through so much of our culture.  Topically we will cover the existence of satan, the war on Terror, Osama Bin Ladden’s death, Stanley Hauerwas, Adam Smith’s invisible hand, the incarnation, war, violence, sex, evil, money, and the subversive practice of Communion.

Pugh – a podcast legend when he came to discuss Dietrich Bonhoeffer – just published his newest book “Devil’s Ink: Blog from the Basement Office.“  Pugh takes the voice of Satan and doesn’t limit his attention to issues on the personal plane but goes straight for the macro issues.  In the book you hear Satan reflect on Disney world, the New Atheists, the Church going Constantine, the war on terror, the ‘invisible hand’ of the free market, Western secularization, theodicy, nationalism, ‘spiritual but not religious,’ science as a part of culture, the Amish, mass\new media, Backstreet Boys, Dan Brown, Star Trek, Bob Dylan, the IMF, Tim LaHaye, Neocons, South Park, Britney Spears, and Zizek.  All these topics and more get discussed with a devilish humor and a theological sensitivity that will get the juices flowing.  For that very reason “Devil’s Ink” is the official Homebrewed Christianity Summer Theological Jam!  It is also less than 9 bucks currently on Amazon….recession theological processing.

Hope you enjoy the episode.  We would love for your input, questions, comments, shout outs, and vocal impersonations so give us a call at 678-590-BREW.