This week we are joined by New Testament scholar and professor at Brite Divinity School Warren Carter for the first part of a discussion on the gospel of John’s relationship to the Roman empire.  If you are a fan of his previous work on the gospel of Matthew (like me) then even you may have been suspicious of connecting much of anything political to the gospel of John and you may have even kept that gospel as the 4th gospel on your reading list because it is so often associated with escapist spirituality, but Dr. Carter does an awesome job describing the two dominate understandings of John and articulating his own.  Having read the book, I can say that it is worth the read if you are familiar the NT studies and the particular issues surrounding John.  If the podcast interests you let me suggest a great introduction and resource guide for the average interested reader who wants to discover more about the Roman empire’s relationship to the NT.  Warren Carter’s ‘The Roman Empire and the New Testament: An Essential Guide’ does it better than any other book I have read.  If you are interested in his work on Matthew check out his commentary here.  I really hope you all listen, enjoy, and share this podcast.

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