PTPSince 2008, the Homebrewed Christianity Podcast has been steadily producing episodes dedicated to giving listeners access to the best theological ingredients needed to help them brew a delicious, nutritious, and filling faith. On the show you’ll find conversations between friends, theologians, philosophers, and scholars of all stripes. Among our guests have been N.T. Wright, Rachel Held Evans, John Dominic Crossan, Kathryn TannerWalter Brueggemann, Grace Ji-Sun KimBart Ehrman, Elizabeth Johnson, John Caputo, Andrew Sung Park, Emilie Townes, and Richard Rohr. With more than 30,000 unique monthly listeners, the show is a great platform for people to be heard in a medium that more quickly and directly reaches those interested in contemporary theological insight. And this spring, we’re producing the The Practical Theology Project.

Conceived of as a way to bring attention to the field and discipline of Practical Theology, the project will result in edited “Radiolab” style episodes each dedicated to a particular facet of Practical Theology. Throughout 2014 and 2015, a variety of scholars in Practical Theology will be invited to give their perspective, with audio interviews being recorded as they reflect on questions related to the field. After all the interviews are completed the responses will be compiled, sorted, and produced into three thematic episodes focused as below. Episodes will air late 2015.

1. Definitions and Demarcations

  • What is Practical Theology?
  • Has it always been/meant that?
  • How would you say that Practical and Constructive Theology are different?

2. People and Practices

  • What is the role of the social sciences in Practical Theology?
    • Is Practical Theology inherently interdisciplinary?
  • Who are the people working in Practical Theology that you would say are “indispensable” for someone just getting into the field to know about?
    •  Why do you think they are indispensable?

3. For the Church and World

  • How/why did you decide to focus on Practical Theology as your discipline?
  • What topics/projects are you currently most interested in?
  • What does Practical Theology have to offer to the Church and/or world?

For more info contact Bo Sanders (@TheBoSanders) and Callid Keefe-Perry (@CallidKP) via Contact{at}