We are at war again?

The President just finished his news conference about the plan to combat ISIS (ISIL).  I am somewhere between confused and infuriated - baffled and livid. The beheadings are horrific. The threat is undeniable. But ... is this really the American response?   My concern is that the US … Read more about We are at war again?

2nd Reza Aslan Video

SoGo Media is doing an excellent job at editing and publishing the videos of our night with Reza Aslan. Here is the 2nd (of 10) where he talks about his conversation to Christianity and then back to Islam. Embedded in what he says is a critique of religion as a whole. Let us know what you … Read more about 2nd Reza Aslan Video

HBC Top 11 Blogs of 2011

Here are the top 11 blogs of Homebrewed Christianity in 2011  : 1. Theology Nerd Book Survey  2. That’s “Too Gay” – Brian Ammons’ Banned Chapter from Baptimergent 3. Your First Steps into Biblical Universalism… 4. 31 Reasons I Left Evangelicalism and Became a Progressive But Not a … Read more about HBC Top 11 Blogs of 2011

9/11 Special: Graham E. Fuller and a world without Islam

On the 10th anniversary of the September 11th attacks, we talk to Graham E. Fuller about the world we live in and geo-political roots of our contemporary conflicts. We talk about Israel, Turkey, Russia, Bosnia,  Malaysia, Indonesia and America.  We also go back in history - past the Crusades - to … Read more about 9/11 Special: Graham E. Fuller and a world without Islam

Claremont’s New University

Today the new University Project announced it’s official name - Claremont Lincoln University. You can read about the background story of the name here. As a Claremont student, I am invested in the future of the project. I had desired to come to the School of Theology for a while but that was … Read more about Claremont’s New University