Exodus: Spoiler Alert

J. Ryan Parker sits down with Bo to talk about the movie Exodus: Gods and Men. Bo had blogged about the footage that he had seen and Ryan came over to chat about it. You can read Parker's article in Relevant Magazine about Ridley Scott's portrayal of God in the movie.     … Read more about Exodus: Spoiler Alert

TNT: Jesus & Bible Movies

In this throw-down Bo chats with Micky, Callid, Pete Rollins and Tripp about all of the Jesus and Bible themed movies and what they mean to our culture. Earlier, Bo had blogged some thoughts about this whole issue. Now the gang chimes in. The Theology Nerd Throwdown is excited to welcome … Read more about TNT: Jesus & Bible Movies

Jesus (movies) On My Mind

I have Jesus on my mind a lot these days. The 'Son of God' movie was released last weekend. I was semi-interested in the conversation surrounding its release but with a trip to the East coast for family stuff and being off the internet most of time, I watched it all from a distance. The … Read more about Jesus (movies) On My Mind

Blue Like Jazz the Movie! A Conversation with Steve Taylor & friends

  We sat down with director (and music legend) Steve Taylor for a roundtable about his newest project Blue Like Jazz the movie.  Joining us is one of the script's writers Jordan Green of the Burnside Writers, the Whiskey Preacher, Rev. Amy Piatt, & her preacher's spouse Christian.  The … Read more about Blue Like Jazz the Movie! A Conversation with Steve Taylor & friends