Raising Girls

There are a lot of great women in my life - women that I love, respect, pray for, listen to and learn from.  I have two sisters that I adore and who teach me much about life. I am a life-long youth pastor who is also responsible for ministry to children and families at my church. Several things … Read more about Raising Girls

Jesus Wasn’t A Pastor

There is no other way to say this - Jesus wasn’t a pastor and it is ridiculous to hold any contemporary pastor to that standard.   I should probably back up.  I was minding my own business last night reading Modernity at Large: Cultural Dimensions of Globalization by Arjun Appadurai  and I … Read more about Jesus Wasn’t A Pastor

5 Biggest Changes for Pastors in the Last 50 Years

I’m preparing to facilitate a conversation with some colleagues in the new year about ministry and honoring tradition. I want to begin - and thus frame - the conversation with the changing culture that we are products of, interact with and attempt to minister to. It is a different way to approach … Read more about 5 Biggest Changes for Pastors in the Last 50 Years