The Authority Question – Pentecostals & Methodists

Last week, at the Phyllis Tickle event, the ‘authority question’ came up, as it will/should whenever someone starts talking about ‘the Spirit’.  I was sitting out in the audience for the Fuller Seminary part of the evening. A little debate/concern arose about the issue of authority - especially … Read more about The Authority Question – Pentecostals & Methodists

Jesus (movies) On My Mind

I have Jesus on my mind a lot these days. The 'Son of God' movie was released last weekend. I was semi-interested in the conversation surrounding its release but with a trip to the East coast for family stuff and being off the internet most of time, I watched it all from a distance. The … Read more about Jesus (movies) On My Mind

Add an ‘S’ as a test

I started doing this several years ago. It is surprising how often it reveals something that significantly alters the perception of the topic. When a complex topic is overly simplified it actually makes it more confusing and becomes less helpful. Topics that are appropriately complex and … Read more about Add an ‘S’ as a test