What On Earth Is The Church Doing? a response to Fitch

In response to the post from earlier this week "Leaving Behind the Liberal Label' I got a fantastic follow-up question from the master of the question mark himself: David Fitch  It was so good that I have made my response its own post.  I would love your feedback on this one.  Bo, Just FYI, … Read more about What On Earth Is The Church Doing? a response to Fitch

The Problem With Prayer

As a pastor I get to talk with a lot of people. The issue of prayer comes up more often than any other topic. I think I understand why but when any pattern is this consistent it piques my attention and compels me to dig a little deeper. The problem, of course, isn’t for those for whom prayer is … Read more about The Problem With Prayer

When God Is Too Powerful

A dear friend of mine is in her final semester of a psychology degree. Somehow Martin Buber came up. The  famous work  of the Jewish thinker  - “I and Thou” -  is such a powerful idea from the early 20th century that is resonates in both psychology and theology. Keith Ward explains in God: a … Read more about When God Is Too Powerful

100 Days in for Pope Francis

This morning I found two stories related to the first 100 days of Pope Francis' tenure. The first was a glowing review by an unlikely source. Esquire magazine had a blog that detailed some of the major  highlights. It has now been a little over a hundred days since Francis took over the Vatican. … Read more about 100 Days in for Pope Francis