1984 Theology

I am admittedly a child of the 80’s. I grew up in Cold-War paranoia and still find it difficult to understand how it has been 30 years since the Chicago Bears shuffled to a Super Bowl win under Coach Ditka. I love reading books from the 80’s once in a while. There is something fascinating to me … Read more about 1984 Theology

TNT: Eschatology – Resurrection call and response

What do N.T. Wright, Marcus Borg and John Cobb have in common?  This podcast! In this hour, Tripp and Bo take 4 calls from hotline and respond to questions about eschatology and the resurrection. You can call in with any questions or comments at 678-590-2739 (brew) and let us know what you … Read more about TNT: Eschatology – Resurrection call and response