Zombie Categories and Globalization

I have spent that last two weeks reading and shoring up my familiarity with Creation Ex Nihilo and the Trinity respectively. As fascinating as that has been,  I have to admit that am speculated out. I can only take so much speculative theology. This is part of why I am so happy to be in the field of … Read more about Zombie Categories and Globalization

Reading the Bible that tricky 3rd way

I love reading the Bible. I grew up reading it, I am passionate about studying it, and delight to preach from it whenever I get the chance. I also recognize that it is getting harder to do in our contemporary context. I am a loud critic of simple dualism (constantly contending with my Evangelical … Read more about Reading the Bible that tricky 3rd way

HBC Top 11 Blogs of 2011

Here are the top 11 blogs of Homebrewed Christianity in 2011  : 1. Theology Nerd Book Survey  2. That’s “Too Gay” – Brian Ammons’ Banned Chapter from Baptimergent 3. Your First Steps into Biblical Universalism… 4. 31 Reasons I Left Evangelicalism and Became a Progressive But Not a … Read more about HBC Top 11 Blogs of 2011