P is for Perichoresis

Perichoresis is the most beautiful and elegant picture of the Christian godhead that many Christians may be completly unaware of. The easiest way to break down the word is: Peri - as in perimeter Choresis - as in choreograph (from the Greek word to ‘give away’ or ‘make room’) It is the … Read more about P is for Perichoresis

O is for Open & Relational

One of the most vibrant developments in Christian theology has happened in the past 50 years. The conversation is diverse and includes everyone from Process friendly Mainliners to Vatican II Catholics, from Emergent types to progressive Evangelicals - and plenty of others. These diverse … Read more about O is for Open & Relational

E is for Empire

  “Christian theology suffers from an imperial condition” This is how Catherine Keller begins her chapter in PostColonial Theology.  [Keller podcast] The people that I know who love, quote, and believe the Bible the most happen to be the least aware of the Bible's concern with /critique of … Read more about E is for Empire