Podcasts are like a talk radio show that you can download and listen when and where you want.  At Homebrewed Christianity we want to bring you a collection of progressive Christian podcasts. Each of our shows has its own stream which you can subscribe to in a variety of ways.  Tripp prefers using the Stitcher App on his phone and Bo goes straight to iTunes you can also put the feed burner feed below each show into whatever podcast player you use.


The Homebrewed Christianity podcast has over 500 episodes with each one featuring an interview with a theologian, scholar, or philosopher.  We do not want to think for you but with you.  We hope these conversations are ingredients that may inspire you to brew a more zesty theology.

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The Theology Nerd Throwdown is what happens with Tripp & Bo, senior theo-nerds, get together and talk about the wide ranging topics you send in.

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LectioCast aims to get your sermon/service prep jumpstarted by homing in on crucial issues and themes in the passages and talking through possible opportunities and issues in preaching the various texts.

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On the Homebrewed Barrel Aged podcasts, we pull out some of the best interviews from the first five years of the Homebrewed Christianity podcast. These gems get an audio facelift and then released for your enjoyment.

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