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At Homebrewed Christianity we love ourselves some John D. Caputo. Not only is he a legendary philosopher, scholar, and public intellectual, but John (or Jack) is a dear friend who we are partnering with this June for an excellent class called Theology of Culture. As we get pumped for the start we wanted to give one of you lucky nerds a chance to win yourself signed copies of Jack’s newest texts including The Folly of God, Hope Against Hope, and Hermeneutics. If you win the giveaway you can add these signed copies to your collection or use them as the most impressive nerdalicious gift for a friend.

About the upcoming class Caputo said, ”In these lectures I characterize radical theology as a theology of the God beyond God. I take my point of departure from Paul Tillich, who is I propose the father of radical theology, and move on to two critical appropriations of Tillich, by Mary Daly and James Cone. I conclude by venturing into the “post-human” and speculating on what room there is, if any, for God and theology.”

Each week will feature a LECTURE + READING + DISCUSSION + Q/A. For more info just head over to http://johndcaputo.com

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