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As Homebrewed Christianity has grown and evolved from simply a podcast to a global community of theology and philosophy nerds, we have added a variety of ways to get involved.


Theology Class - Over 45 Online Courses!

Over the past 16 years, Homebrewed Christianity has hosted life-changing online courses for over 50,000 students featuring top theologians and philosophers. We’ve gathered these transformative experiences into a digital classroom, offering you unparalleled access to the wisdom of these great minds. With over 45 online courses available, Theology Class takes you on a deep dive into progressive Christian thought.



Process This - Tripp's Substack

Process This is my Substack (think blog that shows up in your inbox) where I'll be hosting conversations and thinking out loud about theology and philosophy. While some of the content is available to those who subscribe for free, there are some big perks for supporting the conversation.



Homebrewed Christianity Podcast

Our goal is to bring the wisdom of the academy's ivory tower into your earbuds. Think of each episode as an audiological ingredient for your to brew your own faith. Most episodes center around an interview with a different scholar, theologian, or philosopher.



Theology Nerd Throwdown Podcast

Tripp & Bo get nerdy talking about theology, faith, life, and other things.



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