Rethinking Spirituality Through Doctrine and Doctrine Through Spirituality

As the old saying goes, “when it rains, it pours.” And somehow, the world has been pouring spirituality down on me as of late! I have to admit, I’ve rather enjoyed it. Currently, I’m reading a book by a Benedictine Sister named Joann Chittister called The Rule of Benedict, and it reinterprets the … Read more about Rethinking Spirituality Through Doctrine and Doctrine Through Spirituality

Advent Songs Chords

I have had a number of requests for the chords to the Advent Songs I posted previously.  They are all in one PDF file, but you can hear the songs in their own posts.  Here's the PDF file for the chords. 1.View the Present through the Promise 2. Remembering with Love and Hope 3. Hark a Thrilling … Read more about Advent Songs Chords

Prayer for Patient Power

You know who you areYou made every living thing and are the source of all that is beautifulall that breathsall that growsall that comes into being be it through a Womb or a WordYou know who we areYou know we like to convince ourselves we know and instead our enlightenment createsall the anxiety … Read more about Prayer for Patient Power

Communion This Sunday

This was the first time I lead communion in my sweet robe and stole so I tried to come up with a liturgy that would break it in good. Here it is. I combined a Kenyan liturgy, the Didache, and some original material. Call To The TableIt is good and our delight indeed to give you thanks and praise, … Read more about Communion This Sunday

Prayer from 10-07-07

Creator, Scared Artist of life and beauty meet us here todayWe find ourselves gathered and reflecting on art and its role in our lives as your peopleLet us not be tempted to keep you disembodiedfor you came to us fully human and in the fleshLet us not be tempted to limit your revelation to mere … Read more about Prayer from 10-07-07