Pluralistic Relativism

I found this gem of a quote from Ken Wilber on his problem with pluralistic relativism. It is sure to get a rise out of you. Tell me what kind. Wilber describes how critical theory (the variety of postmodern deconstructive practices) can result in pluralistic relativism; “it claimed that all … Read more about Pluralistic Relativism

Tillich’s “Biblical Religion and the Search for Ultimate Reality”

Elgin did not want to leave my lap last night so we read through a favorite Paul Tillich book of mine from undergrad. It is a short book, 85 pages, based on a lecture series he gave where he connected the philosophical quest with the heart of Biblical religion. He concludes the last lecture by … Read more about Tillich’s “Biblical Religion and the Search for Ultimate Reality”

Moltmann’s On Freedom

This is again a quote from Moltmann's 'The Spirit of Life.'  The distinction between freedom 'from' and freedom 'for' something is important for Christians to recognize or else the freedom we have in God may amount to a transaction or a spiritual enlightenment and not being freed to join the God … Read more about Moltmann’s On Freedom