More On Miracles (Q&R)

Yesterday I got a comment on blog post from 2 years ago. Since this subject comes up frequently, I thought it would be good to respond. I hope you get some sort of update from comments posted on old posts. Indeed I do! Thank you so much for taking the time to write in. I've been trying to work … Read more about More On Miracles (Q&R)

On Thought Experiments: Two Ingredients for a theological dish

In the spirit of the Homebrewed mission, I’d like to share two ingredients that someone out there can take and make a tasty theological dish with. Ingredient #1: This interview with Yale Philosopher Keith DeRose. In it he basically says two things that caught my interest: 1) Neither atheists nor … Read more about On Thought Experiments: Two Ingredients for a theological dish

Micky’s Bookshelf

Micky's Bookshelf So, since Bo and now Callid have decided to give you a peak into the wild and zesty bookshelf of a Homebrewed Christianity podcaster, I thought I would join in the fun. I am actually inspired by a conversation I had with a deacon after this year's Wild Goose 3D Event. A young, … Read more about Micky’s Bookshelf

Bo’s Bookshelf

I like Top 10 lists ... and I love books.  These lists of books that have been going around FB lately have been an interesting snapshot to see what books have impacted folks.  Here is my 'Top 10 Books that have stuck with me' list and I would love to see yours.   - Books that Changed … Read more about Bo’s Bookshelf