True Religion: always revising renovating and reviving

Religions need revision. This is even true of made up ones! Scientology has been in the news over the past months for all the wrong reasons: splinter groups, rival factions, money issues, coercive strategies for intimidating dissenters, and even heated theological debates. [check out last week’s … Read more about True Religion: always revising renovating and reviving

Big Win for Obamacare

In light of yesterday’s Federal ruling that Obamacare’s famous individual mandate is legal, I would like to offer a few thoughts on why I think this is a good thing. That is, in the already emerging run up to the next presidential election, Obamacare is at stake. If the legality of the health-care … Read more about Big Win for Obamacare

Seven-word sermon

Last week, I was involved in a "preach off" at church and was asked to give a sermon in only seven words. I was given the internet and five minutes. I was allowed to share a pic and a scripture passage. This was the result. "There is plenty if we share." Scripture: Acts 2:42-47 I dropped … Read more about Seven-word sermon