Kingdom, Church, hmm……

How do you understand the 'kingdom of God,' the central theme of Jesus teaching? What is the relationship between the kingdom and the church? These are important questions and regular ones for participants in the emerging conversation. The more progressive Christians can often end up distracted … Read more about Kingdom, Church, hmm……

Rehabilitating Christology

There is hardly anything as depressing as a progressive Christian who has a hard time saying anything about Jesus.  Not just theologians or pastors but just any one who ventures to think about Jesus after biblical criticism in a historical situation that is religiously pluralistic with plenty of … Read more about Rehabilitating Christology

Connecting the Science of Emergence to the Church Emerging

Phyllis Tickle pointed out that 'Emergence' is not simply something going on in the church, but in fact it is taking place everywhere. Emergence, as a concept, first emerged in science and today it has the largest consensus among the scientific community (contra: neo-darwinism, Dawkins...). Philip … Read more about Connecting the Science of Emergence to the Church Emerging