Words at War

Words we use - or withhold - shape our culture, opinions and identities. From media and Church to the White House, our words are at war to claim attention more than ever before. We examine Trump's words (and silence) regarding Sen. McCain's death, the Vatican's response to recent abuse … Read more about Words at War

Callid’s Bookshelf

Since Bo decided to throw down and list his top ten books, I thought it might be interesting to do the same (thereby forcing Tripp to do so as well), especially since Bo and I don't have a single book in common. In no particular order, and exempting Scriptures, here's the "Top Ten Books (included … Read more about Callid’s Bookshelf

Richard Falk on War, Water and The Wolf of Wall Street

Our guest today is Richard Falk - an international law and international relations scholar who taught at Princeton University for forty years. Since 2002 he has lived in Santa Barbara, California, and taught at the local campus of the University of California in Global and International Studies … Read more about Richard Falk on War, Water and The Wolf of Wall Street

The Only “Progress” Allowed: Techno-Utilitarians for Jesus

Years ago, Lutheran historical theologian Martin Marty participated in a decade long project exploring fundamentalisms worldwide . One of the most interesting (albeit paradoxical) of his findings was their extreme openness to technological advancements as tools. Cutting edge technology is openly … Read more about The Only “Progress” Allowed: Techno-Utilitarians for Jesus