Words at War

Words we use - or withhold - shape our culture, opinions and identities. From media and Church to the White House, our words are at war to claim attention more than ever before. We examine Trump's words (and silence) regarding Sen. McCain's death, the Vatican's response to recent abuse … Read more about Words at War

Best of the CultureCast

This is our first ever 'Best Of' episode, looking back at some of the best interviews from the 6 months... ish. These are just short clips from 7 different interviews, so if you want to listen to the whole thing just click on the links: Carol Howard Merritt talks about overcoming religious … Read more about Best of the CultureCast

Autism, God, and Family

In this week's episode, Christian and Amy talk about autism, families, and ableism in the church. Their son, Mattias, who is on the spectrum, comes on the podcast to talk a little bit about what it's like being on the spectrum, some of the challenges he faces, the most difficult moments in his life, … Read more about Autism, God, and Family