Walter Brueggemann: Introduction to the Old Testament pt.1

This is a beyond super duper treat… this is the first of five lectures in which the most legendary living Old Testament scholar introduces the Hebrew Bible. It is awesome. Enjoy. Tell your friends to join the HBC Community. 🙂 Walter Brueggemann is awesome sauce. I was honored to play the … Read more about Walter Brueggemann: Introduction to the Old Testament pt.1

2019’s Top Ten Texts

Over the past year I have enjoyed a bunch of books. Here are the top ten in a non-hierarchical list. After I made the last I remembered how much I loved The Secret of Our Success: How Culture Is Driving Human Evolution, Domesticating Our Species, and Making Us Smarter by Jospeh Henrich, so think of … Read more about 2019’s Top Ten Texts

Elgin goes to Mars

Elgin, my oldest son, just turned 11 and he has managed to talk himself into a podcast appearance. Personally I had a blast. It may be a completely new parenting tactic - get your 11 year old Son to record a podcast and they will talk to you about something other than Fortnite for 30 … Read more about Elgin goes to Mars