Elgin goes to Mars

Elgin, my oldest son, just turned 11 and he has managed to talk himself into a podcast appearance. Personally I had a blast. It may be a completely new parenting tactic - get your 11 year old Son to record a podcast and they will talk to you about something other than Fortnite for 30 … Read more about Elgin goes to Mars

Words at War

Words we use - or withhold - shape our culture, opinions and identities. From media and Church to the White House, our words are at war to claim attention more than ever before. We examine Trump's words (and silence) regarding Sen. McCain's death, the Vatican's response to recent abuse … Read more about Words at War

The Road To Edmond: a provocative film that questions faith, sexuality, and Jesus.

Film Synopsis Imagine a youth pastor (aka Cleo) whose love for a teenage girl puts his job at the church in jeopardy. No - not an under-age, pervy sorta love. We're talking about a level of care and acceptance that most churches aren't too fond of. (Now you're wondering what her deal is, aren't … Read more about The Road To Edmond: a provocative film that questions faith, sexuality, and Jesus.

What Would Whitehead Think?

Alfred North Whitehead might be gone, but John Cobb isn't! JC has kindly given ten different principles that characterize Whiteheadian thinking today. So if you were wondering what Whitehead might be thinking after modernity then here are ten treats! For more John Cobb fun go check out his BIG 5, … Read more about What Would Whitehead Think?

Bibliotheca Giveaway

We are extremely excited to announce that we are giving away two complete sets of the Bibliotheca Bible. Bibliotheca is the entire biblical library separated into volumes and designed purely for reading. The text is reverently treated in classic typographic style, free of all added conventions such … Read more about Bibliotheca Giveaway