St. Jerome on wealth

St. Jerome said that “For all riches proceed from injustice, and unless one has lost, the other cannot find. So this proverb seems to me most true: either a rich man is unjust or he has inherited from an unjust man.” Here we see that the ultimate evil of riches is relational. … Read more about St. Jerome on wealth

A Refreshing Conversation

This was not the first time Patrick and I had this conversation. He left a small rural town and showed up at the University with a Gideon’s Bible in his glove compartment, the Roman’s road written on a note card in his wallet, hundreds of Contemporary Christian CD’s that sound just like ‘the real … Read more about A Refreshing Conversation

Romero Quote for thought

There aren't two categories of people.There aren't some that were born to have everything,leaving the rest with nothing, and a majority that has nothingand cannot taste the happiness that God was created for all. The Christian society that God wantsis one in which we share the goodnessthat God has … Read more about Romero Quote for thought