Romero Quote for thought

There aren't two categories of people.There aren't some that were born to have everything,leaving the rest with nothing, and a majority that has nothingand cannot taste the happiness that God was created for all. The Christian society that God wantsis one in which we share the goodnessthat God has … Read more about Romero Quote for thought

Len Sweet Fun

April 14th I am starting a new endeavor, Kin-dom Nexus. Basically I am going to organize “more-intimate-than-a” conference type things with authors and artists. The goal is to create more conversational engagement between people, which is code for talking about things that matter while having fun. … Read more about Len Sweet Fun

Prepare Yourself

Soon the audio of Scot McKnight's Interview with Tony Jones will be posted. If you are interested in the Emergent\ing Movement\Church you will want to hear it. Tony does not pull the infamous 'emergent' move and respond to a direct question by talking around it for 10 minutes. I will try to get … Read more about Prepare Yourself

What Does the Postmodern Negro and PoMo Pirate have in Common?

Tonight I chatted to Anthony Smith (postmodern negro) and it was just flat out energizing. We are both involved in the emergent conversation and so we were talking about random conversations we have gotten in with interested onlookers trying to figure it out and came to two general things that need … Read more about What Does the Postmodern Negro and PoMo Pirate have in Common?