Project Presentation

PostProtoTheoEpistemic ProjectilicitinessOr, The things you will never talk to your congregation about unless you care about Jesus really mattering in the WorldSenior Projects:Tripp Fuller“Becoming Jesus’ Church in the Post-Colonial World: Reframing the Mission and Power of God”Corbin Boekhaus'I am … Read more about Project Presentation

Pannenberg on ‘The Beloved"

'True love nurtures wholeness, granting to the beloved the authenticity and independence of his existence. Creative love does not ask the beloved for his dependency but for his personhood...the eyes of love perceive yet unrealized possibilities...Love, on the one hand, envisions in the beloved the … Read more about Pannenberg on ‘The Beloved"

Emerging Fear and the SBC

How do you draw more attention to the emerging movement? Like This. If you say blanket statements like the emerging church is 'one of the most dangerous and deceptive movements to infiltrate the ranks of Southern Baptist life,' you could think that might be an overstatement of fearful dread over … Read more about Emerging Fear and the SBC