Soul Graffiti

Emergent folks often talk about following Jesus or living in the way of Jesus, but rarely is this phrase followed by story after story of a life in process of Christo-transformation. If you want to hear some of these stories and be challenged by them then go get Mark Scandrette’s new book ‘Soul … Read more about Soul Graffiti

Thinking Blogs

I got tagged by Andrew in the thinking blogger meme. My job is to tag 5 blogs that get my head moving. I guess I am not suppose to tag Andrew since he tagged me, but you should still check his out if you haven't.1. Pop Theology: This is blog by a couple theology and culture Phd students. One of … Read more about Thinking Blogs

Whitehead on Caesar-fying God

'When the Western world accepted Christianity, Caesar conquered; and the received text of Western theology was edited by his lawyers...The brief Galilean vision of humility flickered throughout the ages, uncertainly. In the official formulation of the religion it has assumed the trivial form of the … Read more about Whitehead on Caesar-fying God