For the Love of God

Here's a little anthem to my own depravity.  This particular trip to hopeless lane was initiated by a little dead-end theodicy thinking, a blunt realization of my passive participation in systemic injustice, and the recognition that I didn't have the courage, energy, faith, or what ever I needed to … Read more about For the Love of God

Bloggers, We Want YOU!!!!!

Are you a blogger? Are you interested in theology? Do you think theology should transform the life of Christians, Churches, and Creation? Do you like reading books that make you think about these questions? Do you like FREE books? If you are still with me and would be willing to blog … Read more about Bloggers, We Want YOU!!!!!

What needs epiphinating?

Pope Benedict XVI may not be Leo the Great, but in his Epiphany sermon the current Pope addresses some very important issues. The Pope draws attention to a number of pressing ethical issues on the horizon, namely the ecological crisis, the financial meltdown, and the waring conflict of religions. … Read more about What needs epiphinating?