Save Mr. Stogie

Well if my senators (Burr and Dole) and House Rep. (Fox) don't holla back about the farm bill's participation in the exploitation of the Two-Thirds world farmers maybe they will about saving cigars from being lumped into cigarette tax increase. Check it out. … Read more about Save Mr. Stogie

Barmen Declaration 2.0?

A friend of mine asked a number of his friends what pisses them off about Christianity in the key of USA and so here is what I wrote. What pisses me off...The people of the cross-bearer have become the most efficient cross-builders in human history. This is done through the demonic mixture of … Read more about Barmen Declaration 2.0?

Elgin + St. Francis = fun before bed. At night my son-in-process and I have a little night vigil and maybe a little theological discussion so he starts off on the right (or left, depending on who is judging) foot. Tonight Elgin and I did some reading from St. Francis of Assisi, maybe the coolest … Read more about

Two Sweet Free Articles

SO today I cam across to free theology articles that I support you reading.1. Tony Jones was rejected by Wheaton who decided not to publish his plenary lecture at their theology conference this year. So, go read it and realize just how to combine baseball, the early church fathers, and emerging … Read more about Two Sweet Free Articles

Important Question

So I got some good books for my birthday, but now I have the trouble of picking which to read first. I generally read two or three at a time, but even then this is a difficult decision. Here they are.1. The Cambridge Companion to Postmodern Theology ed. by Kevin Vanhoozer2. The Fragile Absolute by … Read more about Important Question

Soul Graffiti

Emergent folks often talk about following Jesus or living in the way of Jesus, but rarely is this phrase followed by story after story of a life in process of Christo-transformation. If you want to hear some of these stories and be challenged by them then go get Mark Scandrette’s new book ‘Soul … Read more about Soul Graffiti