The Truth War On Yoga

Oh my, this is just unbelievable. Not only is this discussion ridiculous but the fact CNN covered it on 9-11 is even more troublesome. I think john macarthur is crazy and he normally proves it when I listen to his radio show, but this may be a whole new level of detachment from reality. If either … Read more about The Truth War On Yoga


I am participating in a Blog-o-riot based on Walter Rauschenbusch's classic Christianity and the Social Crisis. Being its 100th anniversary, my love for Walter, and his sweet Baptist skills I hope you go take a look at the series over at the Pop Theology website. … Read more about Rauuuuuschenbusch!!!


Theron, my middle school baptist youth minister who became Orthodox just wrote an amazing post on 'theosis,' which is one of the most powerful doctrines of the Orthodox church. If you have the time to read a moving articulation of the cosmic work of God in Christ do it and share some love with … Read more about Blogosis