“A Non-Militaristic Boot Camp of Friendship”: Tim Conder and Doug Pagitt Audio

I recorded the audio from Tim and Doug's presentations here in Winston Salem a couple weeks ago.  The audio is being posted here at the Dogwood Abbey webpage.    'A Non-Militaristic Boot Camp of Friendship' was put on by our friends at the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of North Carolina and they … Read more about “A Non-Militaristic Boot Camp of Friendship”: Tim Conder and Doug Pagitt Audio

Lyotard on Realism

I thought this was an interesting quote.  Hopefully it is still interesting without having read the entire essay. 'Realism, whose only definition is that it intends to avoid the question of reality implicated in that of art, always stands some- where between academicism and kitsch. When power … Read more about Lyotard on Realism

Tony Jones Did It

 Tony Jones' newest book, 'The New Christians: Dispatches from the Emergent Frontier,' just came out and I think he really did it. What the 'it' is I am not sure. Maybe it was the blend of stories, theology, dispatches, or the fact that the book held together wide open on the treadmill, but I read … Read more about Tony Jones Did It

My Experiment

So this new site is a little experiment. I have been wanting to figure out how to do more on the web, so this will be where I learn as I go. There are a few things I plan on attempting, but since I am figuring out as I go it may not be pretty. Nick helped me out with some ideas through some convo … Read more about My Experiment

Prayer for Patient Power

You know who you areYou made every living thing and are the source of all that is beautifulall that breathsall that growsall that comes into being be it through a Womb or a WordYou know who we areYou know we like to convince ourselves we know and instead our enlightenment createsall the anxiety … Read more about Prayer for Patient Power