Learning from Evangelicals

As part of the Transforming Theology project Dr. Clayton discusses three things that progressive Christians can learn from evangelicals.  All three he lists are good, but I can think of a few more.  Can you?  It may be because I like to think of myself as a progressive evangelical, emerging left, … Read more about Learning from Evangelicals

Justin Martyr is my Father?

I am Justin Martyr, but how are you? I know Deacon Bob is Origen (who I like better than Justin), but what about the other Deacons out there? Let me know. You’re St. Justin Martyr! You have a positive and hopeful attitude toward the world. You think that nature, history, and even the … Read more about Justin Martyr is my Father?

In Your People: Song

My best friend and roomie in college, Mike Goodman, wrote this song together.  It is a simple worship song on a topic rarely touched in most contemporary worship gatherings, namely the unity of the church and its mission of justice.  Hope you enjoy it. In Your People … Read more about In Your People: Song

Scripture’s Role Today

Here is the newest Transforming Theology video.  Here Philip Clayton discusses the role of scripture today.  It sounds suprisingly similar to Phyllis Tickle's discussion of scripture in her podcast and new book.  Good thing she is coming in May to the second conference. … Read more about Scripture’s Role Today

Theo-Bloggers get busy

The number of participating bloggers has grown over a 150 and books are going out as quick as they come in, but it appears that our bloggers are starting to let their voices out. Here's a little tour of just some of what is going on out on the world wide web. Progression of Faith, Chad French, … Read more about Theo-Bloggers get busy

Progressive Christianity?

'Progressive' is definitely a word that is hard to pin down, but then again most categories are.  Perhaps we should just get rid of categories all together, but I imagine we would create even more problems.  Even if we limit the discussion to theology, when some one embraces or does not embrace a … Read more about Progressive Christianity?