Bo’s Bookshelf

I like Top 10 lists ... and I love books.  These lists of books that have been going around FB lately have been an interesting snapshot to see what books have impacted folks.  Here is my 'Top 10 Books that have stuck with me' list and I would love to see yours.   - Books that Changed … Read more about Bo’s Bookshelf

We are at war again?

The President just finished his news conference about the plan to combat ISIS (ISIL).  I am somewhere between confused and infuriated - baffled and livid. The beheadings are horrific. The threat is undeniable. But ... is this really the American response?   My concern is that the US … Read more about We are at war again?

ABC WrapUp

The ABC’s of Theology series has come to an end. Below is a list of all the posts and podcasts. I had planned to do a second round of the alphabet for theologians who you need to know about. That will, unfortunately, need to wait for another day. A family situation and a new semester of school … Read more about ABC WrapUp

Z is for Zebra

I was taught to refute evolution. It was a cornerstone to apologetics. Zebras and their stripes were a primary example used to refute evolution. If the stripes are for camouflaging a herd of zebras from predators … the first striped offspring would have actually stood out from the heard and thus … Read more about Z is for Zebra

Y is for Y2K

In December 1999 I got a call from a newspaper reporter. They were calling pastors and religious leaders in our city to see what they were telling their people about Y2K.  When the article came out I was the only pastor who was telling their people not to worry and that the real fear was people … Read more about Y is for Y2K

X is for X-ray

Something a little different today.  100 years ago was the beginning of what became known as World War I. I am fascinated by the changes that have come in that 100 year period. The transition from the 19th to the 20th century houses a fascinating and rapid shift in both politics and … Read more about X is for X-ray