Sara Miles CultureCast

Back in the saddle, getting back to a weekly schedule, many important questions are answered. For instance: Does Amy really eat human poop powder? Does repentance mean you have to feel like shit? What words with baggage can be reclaimed? Christian announces the CultureCast’s first live … Read more about Sara Miles CultureCast

Sex Is Not Simple

Sexuality and spirituality have been on my mind as we prepare for tonight’s Level Ground Film Festival. I am very aware of the cultural conversation that continues to circle around marriage equality and issues related to legal matters. As a pastor and theologian, my concern is more specifically … Read more about Sex Is Not Simple

HBC21 Live Event

The Culture-Cast and TNT team up for a rowdy LIVE 3D event at C21 in Phoenix, AZ  We want to thank everyone who came out and made this evening so memorable. Philips Theological Seminary was our sponsor this evening - and rocked the swag! The episode starts on a negative note but has a … Read more about HBC21 Live Event

Ecstatic Naturalism

Tripp chats with Leon Niemoczynski about a philosophical approach to sacred nature.  Leon Niemoczynski teaches in the Departments of Philosophy and Theology at Immaculata University near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; and he is also currently a Visiting Assistant Professor of Philosophy in the … Read more about Ecstatic Naturalism

TNT: Hume on Miracles

2015 starts with a deep discussion of Hume and the much contested definition of miracles.  This is partially in response to the last TNT with Shultz and Taylor and the subsequent blog by Bill Walker that naturalism is not enough.  Book suggestions from this show: For the Bible Tells Me … Read more about TNT: Hume on Miracles

TNT: Shults and Taylor

Podcast favorite LeRon Shults sits down with Barry Taylor and Tripp in the HBC HQ to chat.  LeRon has made the infamous migration from Emergent to agnostic. His new books can be found here. Get his new book Theology After the Birth of God on discount until Feb.  Then Feb. 1 the paperback … Read more about TNT: Shults and Taylor