TNT Call In April 2015

Bo and Tripp are responding to SpeakPipe calls in this episode. Cindy asks about the Great Debacle podcast. Doug likes the Flipped episode with HeatherLyn. Micky invites everyone to the TransFORMed conference. Omar wants to talk about inclusion and systemic issues from High … Read more about TNT Call In April 2015

The Function Of Good Friday

Ahead of the Great Debacle this Saturday, I find myself in an interesting place. On the surface, it is fairly obvious that I would agree more with Jones on what he believes about the events of Good Friday. Much of what Jones says about the crucifixion and its implication (atonement) are solidly … Read more about The Function Of Good Friday

Holy Week on Homebrewed

After a quiet couple of months (Bo was studying and Tripp was traveling) the podcast roars back to life in the next couple of weeks! HBC Monday sees the release of 'Did God Kill Jesus?' with Tony Jones talking to Tripp from the Progressive Youth Ministry Conference. TNT Monday is the … Read more about Holy Week on Homebrewed