On today’s TNT podcast a well-meaning caller tries to close the gap between Tripp and my perspectives by appealing to Whitehead’s process view (minute 55). Let me try to articulate my perspective as quickly and clearly as possible so that there are no misunderstandings – even if you disagree with … Read more about Resurrection-al

Ahead of Earth Day 2015

Tomorrow is Earth Day and I wanted to share 2 things: a quote and links to the HomeGrown series of podcasts.  Reading 'Theology At The End Of Modernity' - our text for the upcoming Summer School High Gravity class - chapter 1 Sallie McFague says: We have the powers of destruction no other … Read more about Ahead of Earth Day 2015

1984 Theology

I am admittedly a child of the 80’s. I grew up in Cold-War paranoia and still find it difficult to understand how it has been 30 years since the Chicago Bears shuffled to a Super Bowl win under Coach Ditka. I love reading books from the 80’s once in a while. There is something fascinating to me … Read more about 1984 Theology