Permission granted

Here is a quote from Pastor Joel Hunter in the latest episode of This American Life: The Inauguration Show. I first heard about Joel because his church in Florida started a few 'creation care' programs that ruffled some feathers among evangelicals. He has partnered with Interfaith Power & Light … Read more about Permission granted


What an amazing performance. But I was floored by this comment. 'On this spot where we're standing 46 years ago Dr King had a dream. On Tuesday, that dream comes to pass.' This was an unbelievably important step for race reconciliation in America...but, really? … Read more about Really?

Meet Elder Napoleon

Deacon Elder Napoleon first contacted us on New Year's Eve via the call-in line (678-590-BREW), and we played it on Episode 39 with Marjorie Suchocki to wrap up Season 1. Well, rest assured, as I will, that our Mormomergent friend wasn't just a flash in the pan. We got this email from him this … Read more about Meet Elder Napoleon

Initiating Peace in Palestine

During the Advent season, my cousin Tim Palmer, college minister at Aldersgate United Methodist (and a pretty talented songwriter) in Abilene, Texas launched 'The Bethlehem Initiative'. The idea was simple: sell rad t-shirts to raise money benefiting Combatants for Peace. The organic t-shirts were … Read more about Initiating Peace in Palestine

Chad’s Blogolutions

With the upcoming launch of the new Homebrewed Christianity website comes my new blogging endeavor. Since Tripp posted his blogolutions, I thought it would be fitting for my first post to include my own. Blog Tripp has chosen a question, a Gospel, a theologian, and a doctrine for the year. I think … Read more about Chad’s Blogolutions

Real Live Preacher and a Christmas Story You’ve Never Heard: Homebrewed Christianity 36

Gordon Atkinson was very kind to talk to me last weekend. He was on his wife's cell phone (because he was having trouble with his) in his backyard, and this episode is the result of our conversation. I enjoyed talking about the theme of hospitality in A Christmas Story You've Never Heard and The … Read more about Real Live Preacher and a Christmas Story You’ve Never Heard: Homebrewed Christianity 36