Seven-word sermon

Last week, I was involved in a "preach off" at church and was asked to give a sermon in only seven words. I was given the internet and five minutes. I was allowed to share a pic and a scripture passage. This was the result. "There is plenty if we share." Scripture: Acts 2:42-47 I dropped … Read more about Seven-word sermon

Left behind.

Welp, today is the rapture. And I got left behind. It seems all my friends did too. If we're going to live here together, let's try to fix this place up — shall we, roomies? Here's a good read from my and Tripp's former professor, Dr. Bill Leonard. Tomorrow I'm posting audio from my sermon … Read more about Left behind.


This was my meditation for our church email this week. For Youth Sunday, I'm preaching on the Good Samaritan. There’s a woman named Grace who lives on my street in the Tenderloin District, San Francisco. When I say she lives on my street, I mean that literally — she's homeless. I pass her … Read more about Grace

A beer-only fast for Lent

Short version of this post: J. Wilson undertook a 46-day beer-only fast for Jesus, followed by a bacon smoothie on Easter Sunday. Holy Doppelbock, Batman! Over a year ago, on the podcast, I mentioned that I was brewing a delicious doppelbock — and that it was traditionally brewed and consumed by … Read more about A beer-only fast for Lent