I am thrilled about this episode in the ongoing Process This series on Artificial Intelligence. In this episode, my series co-host and author of God-Like: A 500-Year History of Artificial Intelligence in Myths, Machines, Monsters, Kester Brewin, is joined by Lord Tim Clement-Jones. He is one of the leading voices in the UK House of Lords on AI regulation and online safety. He served as the Chair of the House of Lords Select Committee on Artificial Intelligence and co-founded the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Artificial Intelligence. He is the Liberal Democrat House of Lords spokesperson for Science, Innovation and Technology and is a founding member of the OECD Parliamentary Group on AI and a former Consultant to the Council of Europe’s Adhoc Committee on AI (“CAHAI”).

He brings great wisdom, passion, and wit to the debates he’s participated in. His book Living with the Algorithm – Servant or Master? – is a very clear-sighted explanation of why and how AI should be regulated, and what progress is being made.

About the Book

The rapid proliferation of AI brings with it a potentially massive shift in how society interacts with the digital world. New opportunities and challenges are emerging in unprecedented fashion and speed. AI however, comes with its own risks, including the potential for bias and discrimination, reputational harm, and the potential for widescale redundancy of millions of jobs. Many prominent technologists have voiced their concern at the existential risks to humanity that AI pose. So how do we ensure that AI remains our servant and not our master?

Our purpose in this book is to identify and address these key risks looking at current approaches to regulation and governance of AI internationally in both the public and private sector, how we meet and mitigate these challenges, avoid inadequate or ill considered regulatory approaches, and protect ourselves from the unforeseen consequences that could flow from unregulated AI development and adoption.

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