After 16 years of online theological exploration, Homebrewed Christianity is leveling up. I am joined by David, the HBC tech-guru David, to let you in on a few new projects we just launched and let you know a bit about what’s on the horizon.

After almost 2 years of work behind the scenes, I am thrilled to announce the launch of Theology Class!
Almost 10 years ago, we started doing online classes & the supporting members of the HBC community (Elders & Bishops) had access to them after they wrapped up. With 45 classes it got extremely difficult to organize them and make them easily accessible to the community. To remedy this, we dreamed up the Theology Class platform. It will make it easy for the community to see all the classes we’ve done and access them when and where they want, giving you the power to learn at your own pace and convenience. It is hard to describe how much work we put into this, but for those of you who have been supporters of HBC or joined any of the classes, thank you for making this possible!

* Get access to seminary-level classes.
* Learn from top scholars.
* Dive deep into what interests you.
* Go at your own pace.

Process This Substack

How does Process This work?

Process This: The central Process This feed will feature posts, often including video and audio, of my own curated intellectual journey, touching on different intellectual interests of mine. They will tend to hover around the intersection of religion, philosophy, science, and culture since that’s where my research, writing, and teaching end up.
  1. Podcasts: There are also channels for two different podcasts. Homebrewed Christianity is the podcast I started in 2008 and features interviews with scholars across the disciplines. The goal is to bring the wisdom out of the ivory tower so more people can reflect, wrestle, and work through their questions of faith with deeper resources. The Theology Nerd Throwdown is a show I do with one of my best friends, Rev. Bo Sanders, and in it, we have fun nerdy conversations about something God-ish.
  2. Process This Guides: As things get going, an important intention for Process This will be developing resource guides on the more engaging topics. Think of these as digital bibliographies that curate books, articles, interviews, videos, and framing questions to help the interested reader understand the conversation in the academy. A perk of having such a nerdy community will be bringing together what I have found with what y’all bring.
  3. Process This Themes: I have conversations with scholars in different disciplines with various research interests, so we will intentionally help you connect the dots by having a series on specific themes. Each series will have a unique community member episode at the beginning and end, with opportunities to engage and contribute. At the end of a series, we hope those on the journey have a more integrated exploration than individual episodes alone can provide. Join our first conversation on Artificial Intelligence!

You can check out our film The Road to Edmond

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