In this episode of Homebrewed Christianity’s Process This series on Artificial Intelligence, Tripp is joined by Noreen Herzfeld, a professor of science and religion, about the intersections of AI, ethics, and theology. They discuss the relational aspects of human existence often overlooked by technology, the theological perspectives on embodiment and relationship in the context of AGI, and the ethical challenges AI poses in caregiving and military decisions. Additionally, the episode highlights the significant environmental costs of AI technologies, with startling statistics about server farm energy consumption, and examines the Vatican’s stance on ecological issues and AI’s sustainability. Religious wisdom is emphasized as crucial in navigating the ethical and ecological questions posed by AI.

Noreen L. Herzfeld is Reuter Professor of Science and Religion at St. John’s University and senior research associate with ZRS Koper. A theologian and computer scientist, she is the author of several books, including The Artifice of Intelligence: Divine and Human Relationship in a Robotic Age and In Our Image: Artificial Intelligence and the Human Spirit.

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