Step into the interactive world of the inaugural ‘Process This‘ series, a journey into the realm of Artificial Intelligence and the human future. Kester Brewin returns to the podcast to set up a series of interviews with scholars across the disciplines, all helping us wrestle with the reality of AI and how it is reshaping humanity and our future. This episode dives into the technological, ethical, spiritual, political, and economic questions surrounding AI. Unearth the historical evolution of societal views on slavery, the implications of AI on the workforce, and the significant role of films, literature, and myths in shaping our perception of technology and social issues. Engage in lively discussions with renowned scholars and experts and contribute to the conversation through shared resources and suggestions for future topics.

To listen to the series of interviews and participate, engage, and get extra content along with a growing collection of related resources, head over to our new substack – Process This!

Kester Brewin is an author, speaker, 25-year veteran of the classroom, and now Head of Communications at the Institute for the Future of Work, a research charity exploring how AI impacts the UK labour market. His most recent book, God-Like: a 500-year History of AI, is not only a powerful telling of humanity’s ongoing relationship with technology and a reflection on the current questions surrounding AI, but it is also a powerful and compelling work of radical theology. 

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