In this episode, Tripp is joined by Dr. Benjamin Chikca. They delve into the intriguing intersection of theology, ethics, and video games, spotlighting Chicka’s book, ‘Playing as Others: Theology and Ethical Responsibility in Video Games.’ The discussion spans topics such as the impact of cultural and ethical narratives within indie video games, the relevance of figures like Paul Tillich and Emmanuel Levinas, and the evolving representation of diversity in gaming. In the conversation, we discuss:

  • Exploring the Intersection of Theology, Ethics, and Video Games
  • The Genesis of his book,”Playing as Others”
  • The Real-Life Impacts of Video Game Culture
  • Gamergate and its Aftermath
  • Embracing Culture Through Video Games
  • Humanizing the Other Through Video Games
  • Papers, Please – An Ethical Playground
  • The Neuroscience of Gaming and Ethical Transformation
  • The Power of Immersive Storytelling
  • Cultural Anxiety Manifested in Video Games
  • Real-Life Impacts and Community Building

Benjamin J. Chicka is Lecturer in Philosophy and Religious Studies at Curry College in Milton, MA. He is a philosophical theologian whose work connects classical American pragmatism, process theology, and ground-of-being theology. Such bridge-building between supposedly incompatible positions reflects his conviction that intrareligious pluralism is as important as interreligious pluralism for the future of theology.