Tripp & Diana were pumped to have Tim Whitaker from The New Evangelicals join us for this edition of Ruining Dinner and our upcoming open online class – Faith and Politics for the Rest of Us. Our contemporary public square is increasingly chaotic, toxic, and repulsive. Yet, our challenges as a people, nation, and species are growing. The rise of Christian Nationalism repulses a growing number of Christians who have a hard time thinking and speaking from a more vibrant theological vision. We are bringing together several alternative theo-political visions to introduce a multiplicity of vibrant, yet neglected traditions in public theology. With the help of some of the most powerful voices in the academy, participants will be introduced to these traditions and get to put them into action as we wrestle with our present moment, discovering the potential for an alternative public Christian witness. In a time where the public square is increasingly tribal and algorithmically addicted to outrage, over-simplification, and performative politics, a tour of these rich yet neglected theological traditions can inspire and fund a more vibrant Christian voice in the public square as we seek to embody the love of neighbor to which we are called. This class is donation based (including 0), so join the fun and tell your friends:)

Come hang out with us at Theology Beer Camp, Oct. 17-19 in Denver. Yse the code HOBBITCOTTAGE for a discount 🙂

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Diana Butler Bass, Ph.D., is an award-winning author, popular speaker, inspiring preacher, and one of America’s most trusted commentators on religion and contemporary spirituality.

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