In this episode, I am joined by philosopher Tad Delay to discuss his new book, The Future of Denial: The Ideologies of Climate Change. We dive into the critical need for humanity to confront and adapt to the climate crisis. The discussion explores the intricate connections between psychoanalysis, religion, and climate denial across the ideological spectrum. It critiques the inadequacy of current mitigation efforts and emphasizes the urgency of adopting adaptation strategies. The narrative delves into the role of renewable energy, novel legal and grassroots activism, and the importance of preparing for climate migrants, while also considering the socio-economic and psychological impacts of climate-induced migrations.

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Check out Tad Delay’s podcast, which explores the book on Apple or Spotify.

In this conversation, we discuss…

  • Psychoanalysis Meets Climate Crisis
  • The Complex Web of Climate Denial
  • The Political Economy of Climate Action
  • Liberalism, Capitalism, and Climate Denial
  • Personal Actions and Political Realities
  • Living with Climate Change: Personal and Community Impacts
  • Exploring Material Incentives and Social Narratives
  • The Seduction of Technological Fixes for Climate Change
  • Mitigation vs. Adaptation: Strategies to Combat Climate Change
  • The Limits of Tree Planting and Carbon Capture Technologies
  • Addressing Climate Migration and Ethical Challenges
  • The Role of Humanities and Community in Climate Action
  • Envisioning Futures: Doom, Adaptation, and Opportunity

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Tad DeLay, PhD is a philosopher, religion scholar, and interdisciplinary critical theorist. His books include Against: What Does the White Evangelical Want?, The Cynic & the Fool, and God Is Unconscious. He is an Assistant Professor of Philosophy in Baltimore.

Tad on Social media:
Twitter: @taddelay