On this edition of the Theology Nerd Throwdown, Tripp & Bo nerd out about…

  • post-Covid Easter worship
  • the United Methodist Breakup over LGBTQ inclusion
  • how frustrating LOTS of aging institutions can get
  • the connection between the Religious Nones & Political Independents
  • how the BoDaddy plans to demolish all beer-chugging challengers at Theology Beer Camp
  • Tripp gives Bo 6 thesis for understanding the Resurrection of Jesus from the dead & Bo gets him to explain and unpack them
  • why Bo loves “AL” theologically 🙂
  • why the conservative obsession with the physical resurrection and liberal naturalizing of the resurrection trigger Tripp theologically


Check out Bo’s webpage and his podcast with Randy Woodley, Peacing it All Together.

Bo’s new podcast exploring the legacy of his Father Dr. Martin Sanders can be found here.

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