I love theology, and I love being a geek. Systematic Geekology is one of my favorite podcasts at this intersection and they invited me on to discuss one of the greatest Sci-Fi TV shows of all time – Battlestar Galactica!!

We didn’t just nerd out about Battlestar, but something super awesome happened. I got to have an honest, fun, respectful, and energizing conversation with a Southern Baptist theology student. This was my first time on an episode hosted by Christian Ashley and I felt deeply honored the entire time. He prepared an excellent outline and not only made space for me to be fully myself but voiced and owned his own convictions throughout. As someone who regularly gets hate mail from people in his tribe, I want to thank him publicly. This episode is an example of what Christians can do when respect for each other’s convictions is at the center. In whatever way we managed it, Christian’s charity and effort made it possible…. well, that and a shared love for Battlestar Galactica!

In this conversation, we discuss the political themes of Battlestar Galactica as part of their Primarily Political series! We discuss everything from how the show comments on the ethics of AI, to themes of abortion and miscarriages in the show, even to themes of the futileness of war and whether the American reaction to 9/11 was justified!